Marina Minard is out of norm

Tour in turn stage manager in the cinema, financial director, business manager, QI Cong teacher, marina decides to create maevy in 2014.
While she has no formation as a stylist, she began to design ready-to-wear collections that are now today seduce more and more women .
Endowed an incredible style and look, she is full of energy and creates her models because she knows how to dress women and according to her inspiration, without worrying about the latest trends of the season or couture shows. This is necessarily atypical since the world of fashion often consists in going in the collective sense.
But the result is amazing and Marina made the right choice. By placing style and woman at the centre of its creations, MAEVY's models are strong, fair and chic. Women feel free, modern and stylish, they can express their personalities and blossom through their outfits.

Maevy creates stylish and strong clothes for women's lives. Maevy dresses women's lives.

Marina also believes that the materials used can improve the style and well-being of the woman wearing the garment. She selects the fabrics carefully because she wants them to be natural, soft and full of subtle and nuanced colours. Italy, Nepal, India, Peru, Marina travels the world to find the most beautiful materials and then integrates them into her collections that wrap women in clothes that make them unique and serene.