Free movement

Producing and buying a garment is not an innocuous act. The piece that will come to dress you is the result of a process that involves many stakeholders and has an impact on men and their environment.

At MAEVY we believe that we have the power to decide our actions and we take our responsibilities. For this, the brand commits itself daily in a respectful approach of our planet and the men.


since its creation, MAEVY has placed stitches and knitted pieces at the centre of its collections. Thanks to this noble and complex product, but also soft and stylish, MAEVY has been able to develop a unique know-how in the design of quality products and an expertise in the selection of natural and precious materials..


for maevy it's a state of mind, almost a philosophy
Since its origin, the brand has had strong biases, it has freed itself from the dictates of fashion and the ready-to-wear industry.
Navigate between the seasons, use natural materials, have them produced in Europe or offer different collections…
This state of mind permeates the brand and its collections;
It is also found among Maevy's faithful who aspire to be independent, strong, but also accomplished and well in their own skin.
to have a proper character and to be fully assume is to be in movement, free.


Without artifice and authentic, maevy is resolutely natural.
She has her own temperament, her own colors;
The brand conveys a feeling of serenity and well-being while infusing an almost wild and primitive natural energy, a certain strength of character.
It emerges a certain elegance, a simple aesthetic made of grace and harmony


Producing or buying clothing is not an innocuous act.
The piece that will come to dress you is the result of a process that involves many participant and has an impact on people and their environment.
Also MAEVY thinks we have the power to decide our actions and the brand takes responsibility. That’s why, it gives meaning to its vision and commits itself on a daily basis to an approach that respects our planet and people:

MAEVY uses natural materials and lead concrete actions to respect the environment

The quality of manufacture allow it possible to obtain an exceptional and therefore durable finished product, at the opposite of fast fashion and "disposable fashion ».
By making the choice of Made in Europe MAEVY decides to maintain a local production The brand thus respects its sustainable development principles and controls the environmental, social and ethical impacts of its activities.
MAEVY is engaged in societal actions such as the SKOLA project, which helps young people in school, social or family difficulties through excellent training.