MAEVY uses raw materials of natural and quality animal and vegetable origin. The harvesting and processing of these raw materials are subject to frequent and regular controls and strict certifications ensuring respect for animal welfare and the environment. MAEVY only uses Italian yarns to make your clothes, selected in the most famous Italian salons. MAEVY piece are presented with labels on which the the pictograms appear below; they symbolize the animal or vegetal from which the raw materials used are derived.

Raw materials origin of animal or vegetal

The Mohair

Popular for its whiteness, finesse and suppleness, this fibre is also very soft and silky. Its compatibility with the different dyes is also an advantage. Finally, this hair can be used to make both summer and winter clothing, as it retains heat in winter and freshness in summer.

The Apaga

A luxury fibre, supple, elastic, light and resistant.
A wide variety of natural colours.
Thanks to the air bubbles contained in its hollow fibre, Alpaca has incomparable thermal properties.

The wool

Wool present exceptional strength and elasticity characteristics.
Produced thanks to sheep, each breed present different wool characteristics.
For example, merino sheep are known for their very soft wool.
Material of choice in winter, wool is essential for making warm clothes.

The cashmere

Cashmere is a type of wool originating from the very fine hair of the goat of the same name.
This animal fibre combines exceptional lightness and softness.
It also keep very warm. cashmere wool is rare, and therefore considered a luxurious material.

The linen

Mostly produced in Europe, flax is the oldest vegetable fibre in existence.
This fibre is characterized by its incredible resistance and thermal properties.

The Cotton

The undisputed king of (the textile industry, cotton is the most widely used natural fibre in the world. It can be woven or knitted, According to the method used, the fabric created is either very robust, giving the material called denim and used to make jeans, or very light, vaporous and soft.

The viscose

Viscose is both a natural and synthetic material. It is made from polymers of natural origin that simulate the fibers of natural cells. Clothing produced from viscose is soft, smooth and comfortable. In addition, viscose is naturally shiny and highly absorbent.

The Bamboo

Bamboo has the advantage of growing very fast, up to one meter per day. In addition, this fibre is biodegradable, recyclable and has many advantages, including anti-odour and anti-UV properties.The fabric produced is light to wear, very soft and naturally antibacterial.

The Modal

Clothing made from modal has the great advantage of staying soft, supple and silky all their lives. Indeed, it is impossible for limestone to settle on this material !
In addition to these precious advantages, this fibre is also strong, resistant to deformation and shrinkage.